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Hospitality and Travel

Competition in the travel & hospitality industry

Competition in the travel & hospitality industry is fiercer than ever. With prices, reviews and options available at a mere touch, customers are increasingly hard to please. Meanwhile, industry leaders have to consistently walk the tight rope of maintaining price competitiveness and delivering brand experience. Rising labor and material costs and a volatile demand scenario do not make the job easier.

EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS Travel & Hospitality team helps navigate the complicated, domain-specific systems and inner workings of the travel industry. For more than 80 customers, our teams have designed and delivered end-to-end solutions in and around GDS, CRS, PMS, RMS, IBE, TMC, CRM, CMS and POS systems in travel.

EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS offers holistic solutions to hotel reservation, travel plan and route maps of specialized quality knowing the industries inner processes and the importance of linking the processes between the guest and web.

Moreover, we are active and engaged members of HTNG, HSMAI and OpenTravel and can evaluate and create solutions that take into account these industry-specifc standards. We are a EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS Authorized Developer, helping companies analyze business operation flows as well as design, develop and certify their own RED Apps.

The hospitality and restaurant industry is a diverse and highly competitive industry. Among the competitors in the industry are single sandwich shops, coffee shops and restaurants, coffeehouses, pizza and quick-service restaurant chains, and also high-end, luxury fine-dining restaurants, offering the customer a vast variety of choices. Major players in the industry include McDonald’s (limited-service segment) with more than 34 thousand restaurants worldwide, the coffeehouse chain Starbucks – with more than 19 thousand stores worldwide – and Domino’s Pizza in the pizza chain segment.

Our core focus areas are :

  • Distribution supply chain, from supplier to Central Res to meta-search.
  • Hospitality: Front-of-House
  • Ancilliary
  • Loyality and guest experience application development .

Hospitality Services offers

EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS Hospitality Services offers specialist hotel consultancy advisory services to hotel owners, operators, developers and investors, or those wishing to become involved in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Our network consists of consultants who work purely in the hospitality industry and incorporates a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge which we call on to craft individual solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS Hospitality Services supports and operates your hotel with a comprehensive network of resources. When you partner with us, you capitalize on the vision and performance of today’s premier hospitality consulting, development and operations company. The services outlined below are in a menu format – clients can select which they feel they need and skip elements that they feel they do not need input in or assistance with. Each stage is laid out in a logical progression commencing with business modeling and validation and proceeding through implementation and launch to arrive at a functioning business unit.

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