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Provides software-as-a-service (SaaS)

EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that can simplify transport logistics processes. Communication between industry, retailers, carriers, drivers and consignees gets easier and delivery processes become more transparent. By using EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS logistics software, companies can shorten idle and waiting times, reduce dead mileage and streamline processes, enabling them to save costs and precious time. Staff can be deployed efficiently thanks to improved transparency. Transporeon offers logistics solutions for companies in all industries, such as automotive, building materials, chemicals, timber and many more.

The unique challenge facing EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS providers is the nature of the cargo. With perishable items often onboard, it’s even more important for shipments to be on time. The less they’re on a truck, the more time grocers or restaurants have to sell them.

Brokerage software from EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS Systems helps you manage carriers, monitor spot markets and cover more loads faster and with greater profitability. Our brokerage business tools speed up finding the right carrier and negotiating the right deal to help you maximize margins. Easily monitor all loads in process with our user-friendly software, from time of booking through to delivery and billing. Advanced reporting built in to our freight brokerage software helps you track your profitability by load, customer, individual broker, carrier and more.

Third-party logistics providers use our EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS to integrate closely with their customers, manage their contract carriers, monitor order and shipment status, improve customer service and build up the bottom line. 3PL software from TMW Systems can be expanded with our web portals, transportation modeling and routing optimization tools to help you with load consolidation, reducing total transportation costs, improving worker productivity and expanding customer self-service capabilities. 3PL software from TMW can empower your business to execute more effectively and provide greater visibility, day after day.

Solutions from end to end

Our approach to automotive logistics takes a broad view of your supply chain, including everything from the supply base to final destination, whether setting up a new assembly plant, operating a parts distribution center, or getting parts and accessories to a retail dealersh. EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS goes the extra mile. We deliver significant operational efficiencies, resulting in better control of your transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, and distribution processes.

Our 09+ years of managing increasingly complex automotive supply chains has resulted in a wide range of innovative solutions that deliver performance and service level improvements at significant cost reductions to our clients around the globe. By maintaining a clear focus on quantified value, we provide maximum transparency, which enables you to make fact-based decisions to improve the speed, productivity and reliability of your supply chain, thus delivering real competitive advantage to your business.

Supply Chain & Logistics industry

With such a high growth rate, Supply Chain & Logistics industry have created a lot of employment globally and will continue to do so for the years to come. An evolving industry needs professionals who can take care of their business. And that’s a good news for the students. How? Companies are always on the lookout for qualified professionals who have hands-on experience and technical know-how. And the best way to gain an experience and get a taste of what the industry is actually like is by taking up an internship. You can see and experience this industry in all its glory, up, close and personal when you intern with some of the best companies that EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS has collaborated with.

Key Benefits :

  • Speed up carrier qualification process
  • Monitor carrier performance
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Increase freight bookings
  • To be more competeitive
  • Eliminate manual fax & paper handling
  • Improve customer service
  • Speed up cash flow

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