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Support secure access to Windows, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and native mobile applications on any device, at any location. Secure Digital Workspace for Retail creates consistent user experiences across stores and centralizes IT management of POS, applications and desktops to improve in-store, back-office and offshore workflows.

  • Remotely manage POS systems and security patch updates
  • Unify access to any application across any device, and from any location
  • Reduce the cost of IT support, hardware, capital and data center storage..
  • Transform application management with real-time delivery, provisioning and updates

Rising consumer expectations for faster, personalized services coupled with declining in-store foot traffic are challenging retailers to reimagine interactions and transform operations. Secure Digital Workspace for Retail, powered by EDVNSYS SOLUTIONS Workspace ONE, unifies user, desktop and mobile management to securely mobilize and modernize retail environments, safeguard customer data and optimize engagement.

Provides a range of Apps and Solutions to address these challenges. Through an integrated and streamlined approach, our Solutions for enterprise GRC, IT GRC, supply chain GRC, quality management, environment and sustainability, and more enable you to strengthen quality and compliance, effectively mitigate enterprise risks, and enhance your brand.Retailers and brands are thus better able to build reliable and transparent supply chains, produce safe products, and keep risks in check, while also establishing and monitoring corporate social responsibility and environment sustainability practices.

Solutions We Offer

We offer a comprehensive suite of retail services and solutions that enable end-to-end transformations. Our offerings leverage our in-depth technology expertise and rich retail industry domain experience to deliver results with uncompromised certainty. We cater to all kind of segments like Food and Grocery, Specialty Retailing, Non-Store Retailing, Fashion and Apparel, General Merchandise Retailing and Pharma Retailing.

  • Pre-screening: Check applicant eligibility along with credit checks
  • Credit Application Management: Seamless on-boarding with configurable templates for data capture
  • Underwriting & Credit Analysis: Comprehensive credit assessment tools for underwriting and engenders score as part of internal scoring engine.
  • Transform application management with real-time delivery, provisioning and updates

Consumerization of retail

Customers are demanding more in terms of convenience, collaboration, flexibility and customization. This has led to the consumerization of retail where retailers need to re-look at their offerings in terms of channels and reassess their strategy. Retailers face the challenges of providing a unified set of systems, processes and data to support a truly omnichannel experience demanded by the customer.

We provide a complete end-to-end solution that helps you:

  • Compare the sales of company products with respect to other retailer products.
  • Study the retailer growth compared to other markets
  • Analyse retailer contribution to the fast growing market.
  • Analyse the retailer sale for a given time period .

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